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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spruce Up Your Web-Based Business Before Cyber Monday

While everyone has heard of Black Friday—the retail rumble the day after Thanksgiving where stores offer their deepest discounts, marking the official start to the Christmas shopping season—a lesser-known phenomenon has emerged with the advent of web-based businesses. Cyber Monday, the Monday immediately following Black Friday, also sees retail spikes unprecedented the rest of the year. To take advantage this holiday season, many web-based retailers will be looking to launch new websites by the big day, hoping to cash in on the cyber madness.

Whether you are a new business looking to grab retailers around the holidays or an established business looking to launch a new branch of a site, a few basic safeguards can ensure a successful Cyber Monday for your business.

Web Hosting: According to CyberMonday2011.com, web retailers logged a whopping $887 million in online sales on this day in 2009. For some Cyber Monday stalwarts, web orders and clicks can double, triple or more. This sudden boost in traffic can crash some servers so you must make sure your web hosting service has backup servers equipped to handle a large influx of traffic.

Decorations: Like any other store around the holidays, decorations can invite customers in to your website to look around. A Red-And-Green version of your logo, a menorah in your masthead or other holiday-themed touches can give your website the holiday cheer it has been missing.

Game Day: Make sure that whatever updates you make to your site can be adjusted in real-time. If you add a new web hosting company, make sure they have a customer service department that will be able to help resolve any issues you may have on the busiest online shopping day of the year. Perhaps run a web hosting comparison to find the best site for you. If you add decorations or deals or mobile coupons, run tests leading up to the day to ensure all moving parts are functioning before shoppers enter your store.

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